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Real-world information and technology development through multi-metaverse
Enter 2022.05.10. 10:01 am

Vincent Shim, CEO of 'GLOBALIZ', announced at the 'Global Metaverse Innovation Roadshow'

Koreans have developed a technology that provides real-time virtual space content and information service by linking the Internet and real-world information with the metaverse with META CUBIC, an open platform that supports a new concept of decentralized and decentralized Internet. is becoming

Vincent Shim, the CEO of 'GLOBALIZ', is the only Korean to present research results at the 'Global Metaverse Innovation Roadshow' hosted by the British non-profit 'TiiQu Network' on the 29th of last month, attracting attention.

Over 600 metaverse experts, potential customers, business partners and investors participated in this event, and 10 metaverse related companies demonstrated related innovative technologies and established a metaverse virtual global business network. Examples of metaverse innovations include business models of QR · AR · VR · MR · XR, 3D computing including spatial computing · 3D engine · WebXR, Web3 including NFT · DeFi · DAO, and digital twin.

At this global metaverse innovation roadshow, CEO Shim presented a metaverse ecosystem platform centered on three main themes of his own platform, Metacubic. First, it showed how the self-developed platform, decentralized relational Internet domain data, is connected in real time to the digital twin, a metaverse virtual space. For example, if you input floor-by-floor information in the Internet domain of a building in Guro-gu, Seoul, the Guro-gu metaverse virtual space domain automatically shows the information in the Seoul metaverse virtual space domain at the same time.

Second, it showed the potential of internet domains and icons of all regions of the world created through the platform in a decentralized WEB 3.0 metaverse information retrieval method. Third, the demonstration confirmed how technologies such as QR, AR, VR and blockchain NFT combined with Metaverse are utilized in the Meta Cubic platform.

After the announcement, CEO Shim said that inquiries from many companies, including investment companies in Texas, were coming in. So far, Globalize has applied GIS and QR as a WEB 3.0 platform to Singapore, Brisbane, Auckland, Silicon Valley, Seoul, and Incheon. It was exposed to the WEB 3.0 domain of 40 local companies and specialized industries such as Daegu and Chungju. In the future, the company plans to establish a metaverse specialized corporation in the United States and conduct marketing in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

With this as an opportunity, Globalize plans to create WEB 3.0 regional metaverse centers in Korea and Silicon Valley in the United States to recruit domain regional partners from all over the world. In addition, through the Meta Cubic platform, many existing metaverse companies and partners such as AR and VR will be recruited to provide a new customer experience by linking living information and conference information to the metaverse.

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Seamless Reality (CEO Kim Myung-hwan) announced on the 7th that it had signed an MOU with 'Globalize', which possesses web 3.0 platform technology, on mutual platform interworking and technical cooperation.

Through this agreement, the two companies plan to cooperate with each other in technical cooperation and joint project promotion to service the Internet and real-world information in real time as virtual space content and information on the open metaverse platform.

Seamless Reality is a company that supplies ▲Metaverse platform 'Vertane' ▲Virtual space and content creation 'NView' ▲Educational 'Meet' through reality space-based MR (mixed reality) and XR (extended reality) technologies.

Globalize, a company with Web 3.0 original technology, has developed a metaverse engine that can install multi-domain regional, corporate, and community platforms with a service-type platform structure. In addition, it is operating an open social media platform for Metaverse in more than 50 web domains around the world, and has established a research institute linking Metaverse and ESG in Brisbane, Australia.

Kim Myung-hwan, CEO of Seamless Reality, said, “Through this business agreement, we are able to lay the foundation for a new open metaverse platform based on Web 3.0 and blockchain.

Meanwhile, Seamless Reality will participate as a metaverse platform company in the ‘2022 Korea ICT Convergence Expo’ to be held next week at the Daegu EXCO following ‘KMF & KME 2022’ in Seoul last October.

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