SmartCubic Terms of Service

1. Introduction

SmartCubic recognises the importance of your privacy and takes absolute care that the personal information you share with us is safe and secure.

This SmartCubic Terms of Service (“Agreement”) contains the terms and conditions that govern your access to and use of any Service and is the agreement between  Business and you as the user.

The Agreement takes effect once you successfully sign up to the Company. You may not use smartCubic if:

a)               You are under 14 years old (or the minimum legal age in your country to use our Products); or

b)               You are a convicted sex offender; or

c)               You have previously violated our Terms or Policies

2. Changes to Agreement

We are committed to providing you an excellent experience. This means that at any time, we may need to make changes to this Agreement to reflect the current services. Any changes made to this Agreement will be notified to you by email at least 10 days before they are implemented.

Once these changes are implemented, you agree that you are bound to the new Agreement in order to continue using the Services.

2. Purpose

The objective of this Agreement is to regulate rights, obligations and any other requirements between SmartCubic and its users for use of all our services.

3. Sign Up

When signing up to Company and to access the Services, you must provide a valid ID, name, email address, mobile number and password. You also agree to this Agreement and must be approved by the Company.

The Company may disapprove your sign up or terminate users if:

a)               You do not agree to the Agreement or Privacy Policy; or

b)               You sign up using personal information that does not belong to you; or

c)               You provide false information; or

d)               You do not provide all mandatory information (ID, first name, last name, email address, mobile number, and password); or

e)               You do not meet the minimum age requirements (in this case, you need valid consent from your parent/guardian); or

f)               You breach any copyrights or intellectual property rights that belong to another person or organization including the Company or other Business Members; or

g)               Your conduct is liable to bring defamation and business obstruction; or

h)               You pursue personal profit using Company’s services or others; or

i)                You act illegally.

5. Your Responsibilities

We’re excited to have you on board and join our community. In exchange, there are a few rules that you need to keep.

Your Account. In creating your account with the Company, you agree that:

a)               the personal information you provide us is your own; and

b)               you verify your email address and mobile number with your own; and

c)               you only have one account that belongs to you; and

d)               you keep your ID and password secure and confidential; and

e)               you do not sell your account to others; and

f)               you keep your personal information updated.

Your Content. You agree that you are solely responsible for the material, creation, and use of your Content. You may not use the Services or upload anything that:

a)               breaches this Agreement; or

b)               violates any policies or applicable law; or

c)               infringes someone else’s or Company’s rights, including intellectual property rights; or

d)               invades someone else’s or Company’s privacy.

e)               is misleading, discriminatory or fraudulent.

If you do not meet one of the above requirements and your content results in any disadvantages or any losses, the Company will have no responsibility.

6. Company Rights

For us to continue providing you services, there are a few permissions that you must to give us.

Communication. You give permission to the Company or other Business Member’s to communicate to you using the personal information that you supply us. This may include:

a)               notices and messages sent to your mobile; or

b)               any emails sent to you; or

c)               any notices and/or messages through any other methods.

Your Content. By using the Services, you agree to grant the Company a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free worldwide licence to use any content that you upload or share.

This grant ends once you have deleted the content. However, deleted content may still exist elsewhere if they have been shared with or by others.

7. Intellectual Property

Copyrights and intellectual property rights of company services are owned by Company. Company only provides rights to use its services to you and is therefore unable to transfer, sell or dispose copyrights and intellectual property rights of Company.

If you make use of intellectual property not owned by you, your account will be terminated, and you agree to all legal liability that may arise as a result.

8. Account Suspension and Termination

Company Termination. We put great emphasis on safety in our community and work hard to make our users feel welcomed. As such, we may suspend your account immediately upon notice if we determine that:

a)               you are in breach of this Agreement or Policies; or

b)               you pose a security risk to Company or any third party; or

c)               you have infringed intellectual property rights of another.

Notice. Company will notify you if we choose to terminate or suspend your account, and any follow-up actions you may take.

User Termination. You may choose to terminate your account at any time for any reason.

Effect of Termination. Once your account is terminated or suspended, you will be unable to use the Services or any other Business Member Services.

After termination you may not create another account without the Company’s permission.

Limits on Liability. The Company has no responsibility for any types of loss after suspension or termination.

Limits on Liability

The Company or any of its representatives have no legal liability to you or any third party for any indirect, special, exemplary, incidental or consequential damages that occur from your use of the Company’s Services or any of its Business Member’s Services.

Proprietary Rights

Your Content. Who domain owns the content users post


“Smartcubic” is internet platform solution for company.

“Company” indicates SmartCubic domain owner

“User” means the clients who use all our services after entering into the contract by agreeing to Smartcubic’s User Agreement.

“Business Member” is an individual who provides diverse products and services to users based on company’s general services.

“Service” means various services provided to users through the Company’s platforms.

“Information” is the facts and information about users and any other information being gathered and collected by company.

“Content” means anything that users provide, share or post.

“ID” is comprised of letters and numbers that are provided by the user and approved by Company.

“Password” means letters and numbers provided by the user to identify proper users and to restrict others from accessing their accounts.


Users could encounter offensive, obscene, inappropriate, inaccurate and illegal contents. Company puts effort to prevent all users from being exposed to these contents. The Company will have no responsibility for any types of loss resulted from these kinds of contents.